Monday, June 21, 2010

Answered Prayer

Man, I've been a lazy blogger lately. Naw, not lazy, just busy. I've really been wanting to post an update about K'Tyo's adjustment, but it's been a little hard to find the words. Honestly, I sort of feel guilty because our transition with him has been incredibly smooth thus far. He is showing signs of healthy attachment, reacts well & appropriately to new experiences, & continues to smile! Every now & again he needs correction, but so do my teenagers. I like to think of those moments as opportunities to teach & to re-enforce that we love him, even when he goofs.

I guess the reason I feel guilty is because I know that it's been really tough for some, & that's what I had been preparing for, too. So, I think that's another reason I haven't posted...because I have been certain that the bottom would fall out any day now. Well, it hasn't, & I've had two "moments", if you will, that are kicking my butt out of that mode of pessimistic thinking. It's not that I expected him to be horrible. Not at all. I just know that these children have been through way more than I can wrap my mind around, so it's important to be sensitive to that.

First of all, Joe mentioned this to his secretary (the part where we are so surprised by how well everything has been going). She just looked at him and said, "Why are you surprised? Isn't that what you've been praying for?" Oh. Those 2 by 4's of faith...mmm. That night, I pulled out my prayer journal. Over & over since we first saw his face, we have said prayers that God would be preparing his heart for his family. Ahhh, how many times do I pray & then live like I don't believe they will be answered?

The second "moment" happened over the weekend. We took Kyler to football camp, & we take a country road to get to the interstate. K'Tyo immediately remembered going this way before & got very excited b/c the first time we had traveled this road, Kami had told him to put his hands in the air, like when on a roller coaster, when going up & down a series of hills. We all laughed as his hands shot straight up just like the last time...he was ready for the thrill! And it hit me...he's been ready for the thrill. And continues enjoying the ride, even over the bumps. Each new day brings new opportunities for adventures with his family, & he continues to be open to every new experience as long as we're along for the ride.

I think maybe it's time for Mommy to be thankful for answered prayer & to put her hands in the air, too......Seems like a good plan for this roller coaster of life!


Christie said...


I'm right there with you on praying and not expecting answers!! It just goes to show how big God is. So big that we can't even wrap our minds around the blessing He has for us.

I am SO glad that he is transitioning well and jumping right in. As I've said before, he looks like he's always been a part of the family!!

Love you!

Sharon said...

What a blessing!!! Thank you so much for sharing how God has answered your prayers-I LOVE it!!!

Chris said...

Yes! Throw those hands up in the air!!!

I will be right there with ya, girlfriend!!!


God is so good!!!

rrpr6 said...

amen and amen :o) Pam R