Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's War

...adoption isn't charity--it's war.

This is taken from the book Adopted for Life by Russell D. Moore. While I have not made my way very far in the book (it's full of a lot of theological stuff, so it's not a real quick read for me), this statement has made a huge impact on my heart.


Because I think we've been called to step into the life of another of God's precious children. And it isn't charity. It's not what we imagined. But thus far, nothing God's called us to has been anything I could have envisioned.

But it is worth fighting for.

I wish I could give more details, but at this point, all I can do is thank my two friends that have been interceding on our behalf, and ask anyone else that feels moved to pray for us to please do so.

I leave you with the status I recently posted on FB before any of this happened:

It doesn't concern me if what I do raises the eyebrows of a few; I am concerned if what I do makes a difference.

Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you posted! :o)


Christie said...

Praying for God's will! Knowing that He is pleased by your willingness to surrender.

Love and hugs,

Sharon said...


Doug and Monica said...

Praying!! We need to catch up and get our boys together soon!!

Meredith said...

Oh, I love your heart Dardi. Praying for God's will!

Amy said...

You, my precious friend, are changing the world. I love you. Thanks for being YOU.

Karen said...

I love that book! Will pray...

Chris said...

I think I might have to read that book!

Dardi, I just love your heart...and your unwavering faith! You are an inspiration to me!!

Will be praying for you!! :)