Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I've Done It Now

A couple of months ago, I joined face book as a way to connect with some of the other families adopting through the same agency as well as connect with some old friends. I don't much care for some of this online stuff because you have to sometimes weed through a lot of nonsense that I don't have time for and/or care about. One thing I did decide was that I was going to stay away from any type of controversy.

I blew that today. I just couldn't take it anymore, so my status reads:

"If people put as much time, $$, & energy as they do into whether Lebron stays or goes into things that really matter, the world would look very different. IT'S.A.GAME that a grown man is getting paid ridiculous amounts of $$ to play. Give me youth/high school sports any day where it's still about the game."

I've already had someone comment "warning" me that people don't like this kind of talk. I'm sure. Might mean they have to think about something that's uncomfortable.

Like people are living in extreme poverty.

Like the homeless you walk past to go sit in your big dollar seat to watch "The King".

Like the orphans that have no hope, no family.

Like the people that are working two+ jobs just trying to make ends meet while having to sacrifice meaningful time with their families & children are left to raise themselves.

Like the fact that we've elevated a game to a level of importance & priority that we have media spending endless amounts of time speculating about who's doing what where & how that will impact "the game".

Disclaimer: I really enjoy sports. I do. Actually, I've been known to be a pretty competitive person. But what I enjoy about sports has nothing to do with money. I enjoy seeing the collaboration of working towards a goal, & then giving it everything you have. I thoroughly enjoy watching youth/high school sports because there still seems to be some of the pureness to it. Working hard & then leaving it on the field.

BUT, these professional sports have gotten out of hand. Heck, this whole country has gotten out of hand. I've heard all the arguments that professional sports generate income, etc, etc, but the bigger stadiums, "better" athletes, pay whatever to have a winner is just feeding a vicious cycle. Most "normal" families can't even afford the cost of tickets anymore. We have gotten so busy chasing the "American Dream" that we are totally missing out on the thrill that comes from loving someone, lending a helping hand, being a friend, having passion for causes that make a difference.

Believe me, I'm far from living my life perfectly & I can get caught up with "stuff". However, I serve a different King, & it's not Lebron James.


Meredith said...

Preach it sister! I love you're thinking Dardi!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...


I have a rant this week ... about the cost of "entertainment" ...

Seattle hosted a Fireworks Show on the 4th. It cost $500,000 for 20 minute show. What?!?!?! How can this be??? How can anyone justify that type of expense, when the streets of Seattle are filled with homeless youth ... runaways / prostitutes / mentally unstable. I'm sure those homeless youth enjoyed the Fireworks, but they probably would have preferred a meal and a place to sleep that night.

FYI ... even though I get MUCH pressure to join FB, I have stayed away. Too much drama! Unhealthy communication style. Too much of my time. Maybe those adoptive families could create a yahoo group, where you could keep in touch and support each other without all of the added "stuff" that FB brings.

Laurel :)

Jen said...

100% in agreement Dardi! And that's part of what FB is for.

emariestar said...

Well said!!! I could not agree more!

Christie said...


I got on that same "box" last night as Q waited and waited until 9pm when "The Three Kings" would be introduced in Miami...sickening. As I sat there and reminded him that this was idolizing to it's fullest (he felt the same way) and that no one on this earth deserves that type of hype.

This morning he then told me how much he was making over a certain number of years, trying to figure out how much that would be a which I replied, "more than he's worth".

It sickens me to think that people that do NOTHING make millions of dollars just to hoard it and elevate themselves...

God is the ultimate punisher of acts such as these...we'll be praying for their salvation in the meantime!


Love ya!

Sean and Lisa said...

Preach it girl!!

I must live under a rock because I know nothing about this whole Lebron thing except for having just read about it on another blog!!
Note to self...get a life! LOL!

I totally, totally agree! We as a society place too much value on professional athletes while we allow the precious unborn to be killed. UGH!

Thanks for speaking the TRUTH!!