Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: It's a Bummer

Poor Kade. He came into this world in the #5 slot for birth order, adding to what most considered a "large" family already. And just when he was getting the hang of being the baby of this motley crew, we went and made him a big brother. Twice.

It's really been a bummer, you know. Going from being the baby to getting sandwiched in the middle of 7 kids. I mean, that's everyone's concern with these large families. The poor kids get ripped off.

Here's a classic example. This week, Kade had his first tournament baseball game. It's really a shame b/c his Dad coaches, Mom keeps the score book, & the littles are always there hollering for him. And for this game? All of this AND all but one of his older sibs decide to show up (the oldest had to work, or she would have been there, too).

Stinks, doesn't it?

Oh, and did I mention that they even showed up wearing homemade t-shirts with Kade's number on them? Ridiculous.

So, there he was. Playing his first tournament game, his team totally sporting the underdog status, with his own entourage of groupies.

His Dad was rallying the troops as Mom kept them batting in order. And the crazy brothers & sisters were cheering for him the whole time. Kaya even let loose with a "Go, Daddy!" at one point, just so Daddy didn't feel ripped off, too.

And they won.

Hmmm, winning the big game & having rock star status with your own groupies. Maybe not such a bad gig for this poor kid.

Disclaimer: I am not always so sarcastic, but seriously, some people totally don't get it, so I indulged myself! :o)

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Adeye said...

So absolutely wonderful, friend. LOVE the gorgeous pics.

Kristi said...

Sometimes you just have to express the sarcasm that children miss...
Fun post, and I love the "groupie" shirts.

Laine said...

Love this post! Poor kid...he's just so....LOVED! ;)
What a blessing!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Love it!

Our kids always have the BIGGEST and BEST cheer section. Oh yea! Even for t-ball games.

Did you see the shirts I made for our family in May ... when our high school son made it to the STATE track meet? Oh my! What fun! We were one rowdy bunch!

Have you ever paid $150 for your family to attend one of your children's sporting events? Yikes! But, would we ever NOT go, because of the cost? No way! We're there ... even if we have to eat beans and rice for a month. :) Seriously ... that's how important it is for us. All of the siblings know that we are a team ... we are here to support each other ... and if we possibly can, we go to all of the baseball games, track meets, football games, cross country meets. Thats. Just. What. We. Do.

One year we had 6 kids on baseball teams. One day their 5 teams (twins were on same team) each had 2 games. Yes. I had 10 baseball games to go to in 1 day. (Papa was working.) I made it to at least part of every game. We left home at 7:30 am and got home at 8:30 pm. I drove 75 miles, but was never farther than 5 miles from home. Yes. I'm a professional "Baseball Mama". That's me.

Oh my poor kids ... they just don't get enough love from their mama, because she is "the old woman in the shoe that doesn't know what to do". Yep. Poor kids. (Okay ... I've got a little sarcasm in me, as well.)


Laurel :)

Sarah Howe Cleland said...

HA! You said it, Dardi! I'm the last of eight and couldn't help the fact that I tended to get "more" than the others because the older others were mainly the ones giving me more - LOL. Now, I do wish my brother, #4, could read this. He has felt REALLY jipped his whole life, even though he's now 56. On second thought, I doubt he would see your point! You have a BEAUTIFUL family and you're doing a MARVELOUS job! ;)

Sharon said...

Great post, Dardi!

emariestar said...

love it.

Stefanie said...

FANTASTIC!! Absolutely love this... it's so true... some people just don't get it :)
What a great day for a 'middle child', congratulations on the big WIN!!

Amy said...

Just had to stop by and tell you that you my friend are SUPER COOL and so is your big beautiful family! :0) Love you!

rrpr6 said...

amen and amen