Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School & Other Stuff

We have successfully started back to school around here. Kameryn is a sophomore this year, Kyler is a freshman, & Kade is in the 5th grade. K'Tyo had his preschool open house today, will have a trial run next week, & then officially start after Labor Day. Bless his heart, he is so excited! Every morning he comes down wearing his new shoes & backpack. I will post a picture of his first official day. :o)


Kam & Kyler

This has been quite a week. Kaelee turned 21 (I will be sharing pictures in a Sunday Snapshot post), Kami got her drivers' license, school got going, college classes started, & tonight is football (I LOVE Friday night football!!). Kade is a ball boy again this year, & Kyler is a student trainer. Kaya & I are just trying to keep the new puppy under control, & Joe is trying to stay out of the doghouse for bringing said puppy home. ;o)

Life is busy, but I love it! Happy Friday, friends!!

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Christie said...

Busy, busy, busy!

Did you get my email back the other day?

Hope the first week of school went well!