Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going for Bestest Mom

Do you ever have days where you feel like you ran in circles & didn't accomplish a darn thing? Those days seem to be the norm much too often for me, but today I'm feeling like I did something!

Oh, yes I did!!! I canned 22 quarts of peaches & had enough to turn out two big pans of cobbler, too. I sent the older kids a text & told them I was working hard for the "Bestest Mom Award". I mean, really, I earn the "Meanest Mom" one all the time, so just once, I'm goin' for the prize here.

I am no domestic goddess by any stretch, but I grew up watching my mom & grandma can all kinds of things. I'm a bit of a nostalgic person, so doing this again (I have canned a couple times with my grandma, but never by myself) was good for my soul.

And having some yummy stuff when all is said & done along with possibly earning that elusive "Bestest" award is pretty sweet, too.


Christie said...

You can send some my way, yum!

You'll definately earn the "Best Friend Award"!!

Love you!

Maureen said...

You have my vote!!! I'm not allowed in my own kitchen since I have yet to complete a meal/cake/pan of brownies without burning myself :o) (really, I wish I was kidding but I'm not)

Sharon said...

Dardi! Can you come up here and teach me how to can???!!! I can freeze, but I am just too scared to can! Your food looks delicious!

Daisy Dreams said...

Deliciousness!! I've never canned and it looks like a lot of work. I say quite often, "well, today I did not win the mom of the year award!" Hope your kids treated you like the "bestest!!!"

Karen said...

Looks great!

Annie said...

way to go! we'll be there for dessert tomorrow ;)

Lisa said...

Dardi. You are so cool! You don't know me and I only know you from your blog and IAN's yahoo group, But I really really really think you are so cool! You totally win the best mama award! Thanks for being so awsome!
Lisa W-Mama to Basa