Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kade!

Kade turned 11 years old today.

Kade LOVES sports. Seriously, when other kids were playing with cars, he had a ball in his hand. The one sport that really makes him light up is football.

And this year, the dream...he is old enough to play tackle football.

Some of these pics are from last week, & some are from yesterday.

Joe did a good job getting some pictures before the game last week when the guys were running through some plays. I wish I had some action shots, but once that game starts, having a somewhat expensive electronic device in my hand is not a good idea. The boy has some crazy, long runs (some for touchdowns!), so I have to be able to have hands free!

What an amazing blessing to have great grandparents cheering you on!

Dad & Mom are pretty proud of our guy!

And, of course, 2 of his biggest fans (the teenage fans had car keys & left the premises before pictures).

Grandma & Grandpa made the trip for the game, too.

After the game, we enjoyed some time with family for dessert.
And a certain birthday boy was pretty stoked to find out he's headed to the Browns vs. Patriots game in November with Dad. :o)
We love you, Kade! You make us so proud in everything you do!!
Happy Birthday!


Adeye said...

Happy birthday, precious boy. Awesome pics, friend. Oh, and you also have GREAT taste in names :)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Kade! Wow-are boys were born not even a month apart! :)

Christie said...

Great pictures, Dardi!! Looks like he's going to be playing football for a long time!