Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkins, Ruby Red Slippers, & A Pirate

Oh, I forgot to mention there's a scary creature, too (not sure why Kade insists on these creepy masks??). You'll forgive me for not being real wordy on this post, but I wore myself out on the previous two with Kendi's testimony. Shoot, you should just be proud of me for posting pics at all in my semi-conscious, sleep-deprived state! But, it's all good.... (well, all except my darn camera that's totally ticking me off...I keep getting hazy pictures only to find that the lens looks all smudgy from who knows what--not fingers b/c the lens is only exposed when taking shots??? ugh)

Happy Fall, Friends!!!


NANCY said...

Oh my goodness! How adorable!

Christie said...

Looks like they brought home the loot! I guess it's pretty easy when you're that cute!!!

Praying for you and hoping you catch up on your sleep!! Until then, cuddle that beautiful baby girl for me!