Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just Crickets?

I feel like the crickets have taken over my blog, b/c that's all that's coming from it right now it seems.

But it's not b/c there's nothing happening. Life is busy with school, preschool, football games, Daddy traveling for business, rugby games, and on & on it goes. We are blessed with some really nice weather this weekend, & Kameryn is going to the homecoming dance tonight (yes, there will be pictures of that for sure b/c this is the one time a year the girl wears a dress!!).

We're also going to try to squeeze in the pumpkin patch in the midst of this weekend's busyness.

So, until I have some fun pictures, blessings to each of you for a fun weekend!


Christie said...

Love you and praying for you!

Jane said...

Ohh I can't wait to see Kam in a dress, I bet she will be gorgeous. Happy weekend to you all too.