Monday, March 7, 2011

Belated Birthday Post

The flu hit our house. Hard. And this mama was bummin' b/c my baby girl, Kameryn, turned 17 on Friday, & I was laid out. I literally got all teary when Joe came up to check on me later in the day b/c I was supposed to have a date with my three "big girls" for dinner & a movie. Didn't happen. Hopefully, we can make up for it this weekend...thank goodness Kam has some awesome friends that brought her a cake & took her out for her day.

But today is a new day, & I am finally wearing something other than pajamas, so I decided a birthday post was in order.

Baby Kam-Kam...

Next week, nobody is going to remember what you wore today.

In a few years, nobody will recall your basketball stats or your other high school accomplishments.

But for a lifetime, people will remember your heart. And there is nothing that makes your Mommy & Daddy more proud than the hugeness of that heart of yours.

What a year this has been, & I will forever treasure the memories of our trip to Ethiopia to bring your brother home. One of my favorite memories is of our time at Children's Heaven when a few of those sweet girls were so excited to get to play basketball & soccer with you that they didn't want to quit even when the rains came.

Happy 17th Birthday, Baby.............


Sophie said...

Happy 17th Birthday Kamryn

Adeye said...

Happy birthday to your precious girl!

So glad you're feeling better, friend. Ugh...this stuff going around is NASTY!