Wednesday, March 9, 2011


K'Tyo has quite a sense of humor. However, lately, the chuckles he has caused have not been intentional bits of comedy.

As well as he has adjusted to being here, I forget sometimes that there's still a bit that gets lost in translation. Thus, we are the lucky recipients of "K'Tyo-isms" that bring about quite a bit of laughter, especially from the older siblings. K'Tyo's a good sport about it all!

I do forget sometimes, though, that there are still some things that are so strange, & he is still a little boy adapting to new surroundings. Yesterday, for example, we headed to the mall b/c he was in dire need of new shoes (again...another WHOLE size!).

As we entered through a clothing department, he was suddenly lagging behind quite apprehensively. I turned around & asked him what was up. He said, "I'm afraid." I looked around & he pointed around with a sweeping motion & I realized that the headless mannequins had thrown him for a loop. Oh, mercy...once I did some explaining, he giggled a bit & we moved on.

And now, here's some of my favorite K'Tyo-isms from recently:

When we brought Kendi home, he stood beside me stroking her face & wondering where she came from asked, "Did you go to Ethiopia??" No. "Well, then, what, did you go to store?"

After straightening the toy room, he said, "Mom, it looks like nice!"

Last week, we had horrible stomach flu go through the house. He went to bed one night, only to reappear a few minutes later with a panicked look on his face. "I lay down & my belly go boom." I never did fully grasp what he was telling me b/c we were too busy scrambling for a barf bowl. He never did get sick to his stomach??

Kaelee asked Kaya if she wanted to be a gymnast when she grows up, to which she said yes. K'Tyo excitedly said, "Kaya wants to be Jesus!!"

And my most favorite to date: We've all been giving encouraging reminders to K'Tyo about being a good listener during circle time at preschool (Little Man is a bit social...imagine that). Kearsten prompted him with, "K'Tyo, who are you going to be good for?"

"Jesus, God, & Mom..." ;o)


one + one said...

What a little sweetheart. Wow...he is looking huge!

Sharon said...

I second Sara's comment, has he just had a huge growth spurt?!

I love his humor! :)