Friday, August 3, 2012

a little facelift

I am soooo excited!  We just got the disc of pictures that a friend's sister took of our family on vacation.  I am beyond thrilled b/c they are sweet, lots of candids, & it's EVERYBODY!

I will share some of the favorites soon, but thought I'd at least take a minute to update the picture at the top of my blog, which of course, led to doing a little bit of changing around of the background (I was not digging the bright pink & black with the beach shot!).

Ok, I can't help it.  Here's a few until I can get the rest posted. ;o)


We Are Family said...


Michlyn said...

It looks great! What great pictures, can't wait to see more!


Chris said...

Love it!

What a beautiful family you have.


Karen said...

Love them!

Anne said...

Great pictures, your family is beautiful :)