Sunday, August 26, 2012

my firstborn

I must apologize that I've been a bit MIA, but what better way to reenter into blogland than with a birthday post!?!

Yesterday, we got to celebrate Miss Kaelee Morgan.  She has had quite a year with student teaching in Hilton Head, SC, coaching cheerleading, working, & being a super-awesome big sister.  This next year promises to be just as full & exciting as she graduates in December.  By this time next year, we may very well be celebrating her birthday long distance style. *sniff*

But this year, we got to have dinner & family time together, which is a-okay with me!

I may or may not have used a garbage bag & plastic tablecloth leftover from a grad party as wrapping paper.  I'm just tacky cool like that.

Kaya & K'Tyo think birthdays are da bomb.  They worked all day long on cards that they then fold just so so that they can put some "goodies" inside.  It's truly a surprise to see what kind of treasures they find!

My ever practical daughter asked for a blender & crock pot for her apartment. 

Kemeri is not sure what to make of all this birthday fuss.  We've had 2 so far, & she hasn't been real interested.  Something tells me that when Kendi turns 2 in October, she may have a different take.  She did come over & try out spitting all over a corner of the dessert blowing out candles.

Kaelee Morgan, we love you & pray many blessings over this coming year!  Can't wait to see what God has in store for you!! XO

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