Wednesday, August 8, 2012

oh my...she's 5

On August 6, 2007, a teeny, tiny little girl was born, & we were oblivious.

Five years ago today, that teeny, tiny little girl turned our family upside down & stole our hearts.  This is the only picture I have from that day, taken from a friend's cell phone.  Like I said...the world had just turned upside down in a period of a couple of hours, so I really wasn't camera ready. ;o)

I can't believe Kaya Ashley Faith is now 5 years old!  We celebrated our sweetie on Monday.

Scratch that.  We've celebrated her every day since she rocked our world 5 years ago.

This was just an extra special day to celebrate being 5!

Complete with cake, of course.

And lucky for Kaya, her big sister, Kaelee, makes pretty awesome cake!

And in attendance at her grand celebration were special guests...

Great Grandparents AND Grandparents!!!

Along with brothers & sisters & Mommy & Daddy, who happen to love you sooo much!

How special to snuggle in with Great Grandpa to try out a new toy.

And to top off a wonderful day, our princess recieved a beautiful birthday crown from her wonderful friend, Taylor...What a fitting way to end the day!!

Happy Birthday, Kaya Ashley Faith!! You bless us to the moon & back, & we all love you bunches!!


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Kaya!!!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!