Saturday, June 29, 2013

just look at him!

So, today was our town's annual Balloonfest 5K.  It's a big weekend with hot air balloons & other fun stuff, including the race.  Joe had signed up to run it (Mommy is sidelined while I heal from an injury), & we thought K'Tyo could do the 1-mile fun run beforehand if the weather was nice.  We didn't mention it to him in case the weather didn't cooperate so he wouldn't be disappointed (the weather has been lousy!).

Anyway, the sun was shining this morning, so we shook sleepyhead awake & asked if he wanted to run.  Of course, he was up, dressed, & ready to go, BUT...

He wanted to run the "big" one.  He's run a few times with Joe, so we decided to let him go for it.

And go for it he did!!  This 7-yr-old mister ran it in 25:54 & placed 2nd in the 10 & Under division behind a 10-year-old!!!!

People that saw him on the course said he was cruising & when they would encourage him, he'd say, "Thank you!"  He had the time of his life!

I am so proud of him! (I may have been a bit teary--and shocked--as he hit the track for the lap that finishes the race.)  Per K'Tyo, "I wanted to show you that I could run it good, Mom." Awww.

Love these two...they did great today!!

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