Tuesday, February 11, 2014

family happenings

Basketball season just came to an end.  After not winning a single game last year, Kade's 8th grade team ended the season with a winning record & finished runner-up in the conference tournament.  This is a picture after one of his games with his biggest fans (except Kam, who was coaching her team).  We loved watching Kade play with so much heart & intensity.  His leadership & sportsmanship make us very proud.
We have a new nephew! Kendi was so funny, totally playing it "cool" when she met her new cousin. Then she appeared over my shoulder wanting to hold him. Precious.
Look at this kid! Only after coming across some older pictures did I realize just how much K'Tyo is changing.  No more baby fat in those cheeks!
We have had many (many) snow days, which has been okay by me.  With lots of indoor play happening, these tents have been popping up all over.
It's amazing how calm Kemeri is waiting to see her hand specialist when her sister is along.  We had her pre-op appointment the other day & are scheduled for surgery on 2/27.  I will blog about this in more detail soon.
Kaya had a very special night with Daddy attending her first father/daughter dance. (Little story of reality:  We've had so much bad weather that I kept having to postpone a shopping trip for a dress. I wouldn't hesitate to use something we already have, IF WE HAD SOMETHING! We wear pretty casual stuff to church, so I had nothing as a back-up.  The night before the dance, Kade played in the championship game of their conference tournament.  We drove two cars, & after the game, Kaya & I headed to the mall while Joe took the other kids home.  We walked in, I saw a rack of clearance in the midst of all the spring clothes that are already out with ONE dress in her size.  It fit her beautifully (which is not easy) & she loved it! God in the details, people!!)
Daddy took Kaya to visit Grandma all dressed up.
The kiddos also made a visit to Joe's mom (affectionately known as "Grandbones") to wish her a happy 75th birthday (& yes, Kendi is wearing a Hawaiian dress for the occasion).
Like many, we've had our share of fevers & sniffles.  Yesterday, Kemeri was down.  Gus takes the yuckies very seriously, feeling the need to offer snuggles (nevermind that he's 60 lbs. & twice the size of Kemmy).
Finally, another bit of reality.  It's the week of Valentine's Day, which inevitably means that somebody will be required to take a valentine box to school.  Sure enough, K'Tyo came home with *the note* about *the box*.  I just refuse to jump on pinterest & partake of the insanity that has become the norm for some school projects.  Enter shoe box, aluminum foil, tape (lots of tape), & pipe cleaners.  It's a whacky-looking box, but when Kaya said, "Mom, K'Tyo's box makes me smile", I waved the victory flag, if only for those few giggly moments until this crazy-dude-box is sitting next to a fully-detailed pirate ship box.  Until then, Happy Valentines Day (or Say No to Drugs...we haven't quite decided which slogan would work better with this guy).

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Sharon said...

Love that you found a perfect dress for her!