Thursday, February 27, 2014

surgery update

The surgery is over & we are settled into our room.  Kemeri's doctors came to speak with me while I was still in the waiting room & showed me pictures on the camera (I am totally wishing now I had snapped some pics of those pics with my cell phone, but my mind doesn't work that way).  It took longer than anticipated because Kemeri's anatomy was a little "tricky" (their words).  Kemeri had a very teeny, tiny nubbin as a forefinger. They found that it was not going to have any function, so they actually used it as the graft for Kemeri's thumb.  Because of this, they were able to initiate blood flow to the area, so her thumb should grow right along with her. Is that not amazing!?  They found that she has some reaction in the tendons going to the pinky side of her hand, so hopefully they will strengthen, which will open up some other possibilities down the road.  Kemeri will have quite a fancy zigzag scar on the inside of her arm where they released her amniotic band (which should help those tendons!).  They also increased the indent between her thumb & left finger area to hopefully enable her to pinch her thumb against in order to grasp objects.  I think that's everything in very simplistic terms, but you get the idea.
She picked purple for her cast (that thing is a whopper, & judging from her annoyance with it in recovery, I will not be surprised if I catch it in the face before the night's over), & she has already said to "Get it off!!"  She also said in recovery, "Mom, I scared of doctor."  My heart.  Thankfully, the pain meds have kicked in & she's resting comfortably.  We appreciate the thoughts & prayers!

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