Friday, February 28, 2014

the fog has lifted

I am happy to report that the anesthesia fog has lifted as of 5:30 a.m.  Little Miss was up bright & early ready to rule the world.  Since the world was still sleeping, she took to bossing Mommy.
First order of business was a trip to the potty (not an easy thing when you've GOT to go & the nurse's assistant isn't coming fast enough to unhook the worries, Mommy took matters into her own hands just in time), then some chocolate milk & fish crackers, & most important, hair brushed & into a ponytail.  She also ordered the cast off; while I'm not afraid of unhooking some wires & pushing a pole around while getting Little Miss to the potty on my own, my super powers end at cast removal.
Remarkably, she has not had any pain meds since last night.  One of her doctors stopped by first thing this morning & is happy with how she's coming along. We're hoping to be on our way home soon!

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Karen said...

Just catching up on your blog...Glad the surgery went well!