Monday, May 5, 2014

this kid

Kyler David.  My fourth child; my first son.  I realize I don't say a whole lot about him on this blog, but let me tell you, there's much to say.  This kid...well, he's grown into one of the neatest young men I've ever met.  He turned 18 this past November (he & K'Tyo share a birthday, & yes, I'm just now getting around to posting a picture) & shortly after, graduated early from high school.  He is already finishing up his first semester of college!

His heart is huge.  Some people think he's quiet, but he's not.  He just lets his actions and conviction speak louder than his words.  His sense of humor is awesome, & his easygoing, patient demeanor he gets from his father.  He has worked as a junior counselor the past two summers at a camp for children with special needs and behavioral issues & has been hired as a full counselor for this summer.

Anyway, he has been pretty much business about getting through high school with not much interest in school dances.  However, a friend that also works at the same camp asked him to her school's prom.  I don't put much stock in feeling like you have to do all these high school things, but I confess, I was pretty excited to see this guy in a tux!  What a fun time to see them all dressed up, & since it was a little rainy, pictures were taken at a car museum owned by a friend of Emily's family.

I am so blessed by this son of mine.  It is truly a privilege to witness him growing up.  I pray God continues to bless his journey into adulthood with fruitful experiences that help him grow into the gifts He has given him.

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