Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Snapshot: Family

For my Sunday Snapshot, I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of our family time on Thanksgiving. I love getting together with family!!

My girls: Kaelee, Kaya, Kearsten (aka KiKi) & Kam
I am amazed at how well Kaya & my nephew, Karson, get along. So sweet!

Me & My Pumpkin
Is this not such a sweet picture??
Grandpa (my dad) with Kyler & Kade...what's Thanksgiving without video games & ipods?
KiKi with Grandpa & the Puppies (not our puppies, thank you very much)
My Aunt Jackie & Uncle gracious to open their home to our crew!!
Lots of visiting...such good stuff!! My mom is between my grandparents...I feel so blessed to still have them so actively involved in our lives!
Wonderful food, wonderful family, wonderful memories!
My next post: My Version of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree :o)
Be Blessed ~ Dardi


Stefanie said...

Love your spin on Sunday Snapshot!! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving was had by all :)

Sharon said...

I found your blog through Sunday Snapshot and enjoyed reading about your family. Can't wait to see "The Blind Side"!


The Little Family said...

Followed you over from Sunday Snapshot. WOW! How many people does that table sit? I can't wait for your Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. :)


Amy said...

Okay- now that makes me want to come to your house next year. :0)