Monday, February 1, 2010

The Answer Must Be Servant

Are you ever floored when God seems to reinforce a point through a variety of places all at once? I find it very, very cool.........

Just yesterday we were posed the question, "Are you a consumer-minded or servant-minded Christian?" (see previous day's blog post--it's short, I promise!) I know what He wants me to be; I know what I want to be; I'm trying to grow in my walk & my faith every day, so it is just soooooooo awesome when He meets us there with some encouragement to keep us headed in the right direction!!

So, you already know about the main point of the sermon yesterday (well, if you don't, shame on you b/c I TOLD you to check out yesterday's post & PROMISED that it was short!!). Then I read a kick-butt post about "Love is an Action Word" (I am so sorry I didn't bookmark that to share--if you happened to read it or are the author, leave a comment so people can find it, pretty please!).

Fast forward to this friend Amy has another kick-butt post on her blog here. It's a little longer than my post from yesterday, but seriously, you've gotta read it. (As a side note, this crazy blog world is something else. I have met some beautiful friends that push me & bless me all at the same time! Amy is one of several that I REALLY wish I could chat on a 5-mile walk with on a regular basis. They CHOOSE to say yes over & over again...but I digress...that will be a post for another day!)

Anyway, awhile after reading that blog post, I picked up my daily devotional, & this is what it had for today:


A person should consider us in this way: as servants of Christ and managers of God's mysteries. In this regard, it is expected of managers that each one be found faithful.
~ 1 Corinthians 4: 1-2

How do you achieve greatness in the eyes of God? By making yourself a humble servant. Of course, being a fallible human being, you may feel the temptation to build yourself up in the eyes of your neighbors. Resist that temptation. Instead, serve your neighbors quietly and without fanfare. Find a need & fill it...humbly. Lend a helping hand & share a word of kindness...anonymously. Take the time to minister to those in need.
Then, when you have done your best to serve your neighbors & to serve your God, you can rest comfortably knowing that in the eyes of your Heavenly Father, you have achieved greatness. And God's eyes, after all, are the only ones that really count.

"So many times we say that we can't serve God because we aren't whatever is needed. We're not talented enough or smart enough or whatever. But if you are in covenant with Jesus Christ, He is responsible for covering your weaknesses, for being your strength." ~Kay Arthur

No lie, this was my devotional!! I mean really, I know it shouldn't be a surprise because God IS God after all, but it never ceases to blow me away when He seems to be working in so many hearts to be His hands & feet. Yep, it's very, very cool.........


Amy said...

Oh sweet friend you are such a blessing to me. You seriously have no idea. Thanks for your sweet words- your encouragment and your friendship. I don't know what I would do on this crazy journey without you. Love you!!

Adeye said...

Oh wow, my friend, I absolutely LOVE this post. We really are all on this crazy journey together--encouraging each other and pushing each onward toward our Savior. I am so blessed have women like you in my life. Really, I am :)

Yes, it is soooooo cool!!!!

Thank you for your sweet encouragement.

Love and biggest hugs

rrpr6 said...

amen, Dardi, amen.