Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: "Baby Kam-Kam"

Kameryn, also dubbed "Baby Kam-Kam" by Kaya, is my third daughter. She is a perfect argument to the fact that children are born with unique identities. You would think with having two older sisters she would follow in their footsteps. Think again. They are all loving, compassionate, caring girls, but the similarities stop there.

At the age of two, she HATED having her hair done. When her 3-yr-old pictures came around, we went to war, & she won. And I am ever so glad that she did. I had the hair & wardrobe all planned out. Kam went into complete, total meltdown when I tried to get her dressed. I'm talkin' a whopper!! I finally asked her what she wanted to wear. She pulled out plain denim bibs & a barrettes. God smacked me again with a 2-by-4 showed me in that moment that my girl is my girl & she's got a mind of her own. It is one of my favorite pictures of her.

Kam turns 16 this week. How does that happen!? She still loves critters, isn't afraid to get dirty, is comfortable in baggy sweats & keeps us on our toes. The girl is ornery. Really.ornery. For instance, this past summer, she drug her friend down to the creek with her for some exploring. A bit later, one of her brothers can be seen heading down the road with our big cooler. Huh? That girl can get her brothers to do just about anything, & now she's got them serving lunch? A little more time goes by & I hear her yelling for me to come out to the garage. I'm about ready to give her what-for for taking the cooler to the creek, when I get a load of what's in the cooler. I may or may not have said a bad word as I caught sight of a HUGE snapping It seriously took up the whole cooler. Once their laughter died down & my heart rate did the same, I finished giving her what-for for taking the cooler. And bringing a snapping turtle home in it.

Kam also loves basketball. She just finished her first year playing at the high school. They were a very young team, but that meant she got a lot of varsity playing time. Here's a few shots from her last game. Keep in mind that 1) I need a new camera & 2) high school gym lighting is crappy.

Notice the nifty headband thing...It's actually a concussion cap. After suffering 2 this season, we told her she could start playing like a sissy or get a concussion cap. She opted for the latter. Baby likes to play hard.
Point Guard

Kam loves her friends. She made two new ones this season...these sisters seem to be entertained by my girl's silliness.

Flanked by her two best friends...These girls have been buds since the 2nd grade. This is the one sport they still play together.

The Team

I am thankful to be this child's momma. I'm super excited because she is making the trip to Ethiopia with me. She may be ornery, but she's got the BIGGEST heart for people, especially the orphan. I can't wait for our "big girl bonding time"! (little inside joke there)

Ni Hao Y'all


Adeye said...

LOVE LOVE seeing pics of your precious family, my friend. Thanks for sharing.

She'll have the BEST time in ET--life changing!

Beautiful girl!

Chris said...

I love that she is who she is!!!!
That is so cool!!!

She sounds like a super confident person....not afraid to be the girl God intended her to be....

You are truly blessed!!!