Tuesday, February 23, 2010

True Story Tuesday--Got Buns?

I was just meandering around blog world & happened upon this fun idea for a Tuesday post! I need me some fun after feeling yucky as of late, & you may get a chuckle (at my expense on this one) out of it! The idea is to share one of "those moments".

Last year, we were sitting at the table for dinner as a family. As usual, we were trying to get some details out of the kids about their day. Normally with Kade, this is like pulling teeth, but he was most excited to share.

Turns out, for their writing assignment they were to write about something they thought was funny. Well, that sounds fun. "What'd you write about, bud?"

Kade, with a little giggle, "I wrote about the time we were having hamburgers. Remember, Dad said, 'Our grocery store has the best buns.' And Mom said, 'Well, I thought I had the best buns!'"

Me (choking), "You wrote about THAT!?"

Kade, "Yeah, it's hanging out in the hall for parent-teacher conferences." By now, the other kids are in full-blown hysterics over the genius of their little brother.

Note to self: Think first, then speak. They may not remember what you told them to do 5 minutes ago, but they remember EVERYTHING else.


Kimmie said...

;-) laughing.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Chris said...


Out of the mouth of babes!!!!!

Karen said...

hilarious! :-)

Rachel said...


That was hilarious, but it was even more outrageous when I started thinking about all those parents walking along the halls and coming across that little gem!

The little stinkers have such amazing selective memories, eh?

I am still cracking up!

Thanks for joining in - I needed this laugh!

(And your family is beautiful!)

Pam said...

OH Dardi~ *wipes tears* that is priceless!!! LOL!!!

rrpr6 said...

I am picking "my buns" up off the floor!! I will never look at buns the same again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Kade's teacher will never look at YOU the same again...... "out of the mouths of babes".....

Pam R

Upstatemomof3 said...

That is hysterical!! I love it!! Yes, the certainly do remember everything else, don't they?

Laurel said...

Too funny!

My first thought ... glad my kids don't go to public school ... can't imagine the stories that would be hung on the hallway walls ...

mama of 13