Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here We Go Again

Oops, did that give you a little thrill? It occurred to me after typing the title that that statement could mean a lot of things for this family (hehe), but today it is in regards to ANOTHER snow storm hitting our area! We got slammed over the weekend...seriously, unless you had 4-wheel drive, you could not get down our street until late evening on Saturday. Well, today begins round two of another 8-10 inches on top of the foot+ we just got. The school officials wisely cancelled school in anticipation of the snow beginning, & sure enough, it's here. But the kids are lovin' it! The teens are chilling out, Kaya is LOVING life b/c all her people are home, & Kade, of course, is outside enjoying the free day with some neighborhood buddies!

Doesn't matter the weather, the boy's about playing some football!

This would be the MOUND of snow they shoved to the center of our cul-de-sac.
Works for climbing & sledding just fine (though it gets pretty ugly come spring!).
Good times with friends :o)
Have a happy day!


Sharon said...

Oh, Dardi! You have SUCH a better attitude about this snow day than I do! :) I did ask my husband to take the kids to church with him for the afternoon because I need to get some things done!!!

Adeye said...

I love how kids love the snow so much. Me....not so much :)

Keep warm, friend.

Amy said...

And this is why I LOVE me some Texas. ;0)