Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day After Tomorrow {Prayer Request}

I've started this post in my head, but then I just couldn't go there.  I talked to my mom over the weekend, & I think she said it best.  When you have something "big" coming, your natural mental defense mechanism tends to tuck it away to avoid being consumed with the "what if's?".

I guess I'm finally at the point that it can't stay tucked away any longer.  This is a big week for Kemeri.  Our sweet girl is scheduled for surgery on Thursday.  We are facing a 6+ hour surgery & a week in the hospital to detether her spinal cord, remove a fatty mass that is pressing inward on her spine, & also remove excess bone that she has at the end of her spinal column.  We also discovered in her many appointments that she is tongue-tied, so they will be taking care of that while she is already under anesthetic.

I am usually very matter of fact with medical stuff.  You know, calm, cool, & collected.  Not so much as of late.  In preparation for this surgery, Kemeri had to have a test done to get a baseline for her bowel/bladder function, which was.not.fun.  Afterward, Joe took us to lunch, & I was a hot mess.  We're talking complete meltdown right there in the restaurant.

I love this little girl.  I hate that she has to go through this.  I hate the look that she gets on her face when she becomes scared to death & is crying out for me.  She has begun trusting me...what is all this going to do to that trust?

Joe who can typically be found curled up in the fetal position in a corner when it comes to hospitals & ouchies became my rock & helped me start to put things in perspective. 

I need to be thankful.  Thankful that we have these resources for her medical needs.  Thankful that our process of getting her home went fairly quick.  Thankful that our children's hospital has been so efficient with her appointments.  Thankful that our family gets to be part of her story of overcoming.

Thankful that we get to be the ones that hug her, kiss her, & love her through.

First breakfast picnic.

Our girl loves her some accessories. ;o)

First time swinging with Daddy.

And just cuz, I'm sharing some pictures from play time out back with some of the kiddos.  I love these simply special, low-key times.

This last picture is Kemeri's first encounter with one of Daddy's famous chocolate chip cookies.  She loooved them (who doesn't?!). So many "firsts" with her, & this was definitely a memorable one!  Please keep Kemeri in your prayers this week...That the surgery goes well, that the functioning of her body remains in tact, that her heart knows that Mommy & Daddy love her sooo much, & that we can get back to the business of more fun "firsts" very, very soon!


one + one said...

Looove all these pics. Your fam will be in our prayers this week. P.S. I took care of lots of kids with tethered cord surgeries...so hard to keep them flat, but easier if you have a fun wagon to pull them around the hospital unit. Ask the nurses station if they have one, and if they don't ask if you can bring your own. It's a lifesaver!

Chris said...

awwww, your poor momma's heart!

I will be praying for your sweet Kemeri and for you!!!

Blessings and (((hugs)))!

Jen said...

I'm with you, Dardi!

Jill said...

I will be praying for you and your family. Praying for God's peace and comfort on that day.

(also, i love when you wrote "hot mess" I love to use that phrase too)

Rebecca said...

Lots of prayers!

Sharon said...

Dardi, I had no idea this was coming up so soon. Will certainly be praying for Kemeri and all of you tomorrow and in the days following. Love you much!

Michelle said...

You all will be in our prayers tonight. We will be in your same shoes later this summer when our daughter has this surgery, and I'm already nervous about it! It's funny that you mentioned Kemeri's tongue being tied- our daughter's is also! What a crazy coincidence- makes me wonder if it's somehow connected to the SB? Wishing you strength and comfort for tomorrow~

Jodi said...

praying for y'all and the surgeons!! <3