Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mom is Overruled {Again}

You may remember that about 2 years ago, there was a conspiracy in these parts.  Basically, it was me vs. the motley crew of my husband & children.  I lost, & a bouncy baby boxer puppy entered the scene.

Fast forward 2 years.  She's still bouncy, but after recently having an underground fence installed to avoid daily games of chase in the neighbors' yards, I actually like Ella.  She's great with the kids, & so protective. To look outside & see her calmly sitting on the front step gazing out at the neighborhood is a beautiful thing.

But could we leave well enough alone?  Oh, noooooo.  There are days I think this motley crew of mine dreams up conspiracies against Mom just to entertain themselves.  This includes my husband. *ahem*

Enter Pebblez.  Well, the kids are calling her BeBe.  She's a 1.5 year old bulldog.  Joseph as I call him when he makes me crazy has always wanted a bulldog, but we can't afford what they cost.  Long story short, I think God has a sense of humor & decided to join the conspiracy.  Initially, BeBe was kept for breeding purposes, but when she had some issues with her cycle, the breeder opted to have her spayed & look for a family for her.  Really, Joseph?  How do you always seem to stumble into these things??

A boy & his dog.

Ok, I admit it.  She is very cute (in a very pudgy, wrinkley, snorty way), & she has to be the most low-key dog I have ever met.  Ella is determined they will play chase, but BeBe will only humor her for a split second & then she's over it. She prefers sitting with the little girls & playing barbies or curling up in a pile of laundry.  She found paradise when she found my laundry room.

So, there you have it.  And in case you were counting, we now have 4 girls that were born in 2010, if you include the two that are of the 4-legged variety. 

Yes, I am weak.


We Are Family said...

I think she is precious and I would have taken her in a minute too! Everyone in our family LOVES Bull dogs but like you said - the cost!

Janine said...

She is cuteness personified! And it sure looks like she is going to get a whole lot of love from your gorgeous kids. Well done brave mommy! My kids and hubby are also trying to talk me into getting a second dog. Not sure I'm as brave s you quite yet ;0)

Rebecca said...

Too cute. Your girls are precious!

anything but LoKEY said...

Oh my goodness! This was meeee a few years ago!! I am smiling so big about this. My husband too had always dreamed of having a white English Bulldog. (Like Uga-we're big UGA fans.) She was such a sweetie but she drove me NUTS! So stubborn! Sadly, we had to find a home for her about 6 months before Lily came home. (Long story.) But, it was a good thing we did because Lily was TERRIFIED of dogs. She lives with another family here in town and we get to see pics of her often. She still has a special place in our hearts. They are so funny because they are really just HUGE lap dogs...Or at least they think they are. ;)

Jenny said...

I leave for Ehtiopia on Sat. for two little girls and ended up with two doggies (two more...) this year also. I'm weak and crazy!