Friday, May 18, 2012

Livin' A Dream

The other day was a fun "Mommy" day for me.  K'Tyo was so excited about an outreach-type activity his kindergarten class was doing to benefit Relay for Life.  Each child was encouraged to collect some donations, & then on Wednesday, they were headed to the track to walk or run on the track for 30 minutes in honor of people that have battled cancer.  The weather was beautiful, & we had no doctor appointments scheduled for that day, so I put all 3 little girls in the stroller (improvisation is a good worked just fine) & headed down to the track to cheer the kids on. 

Of course, I was most interested in cheering for one kiddo in particular!  It made my heart nearly burst to see how excited he was that we were there to watch him.

I found it interesting that the shirt he picked out for this occasion says, "Livin' A Dream" on the front.  K'Tyo loves running.  We even had a chat ahead of time about how he loves to run, & I encouraged him to see how many laps he could get in during the 30 minutes.  K'Tyo is a great kid, but one thing we have been working on is being your own person & not a follower.  I thought this might be a really neat way for him to experience "doing your own thing" because I had a feeling mosit of the kiddos would prefer mostly walking with the occasional sprint thrown in. ;) 

Can I just say how proud I was of him!?!  He ran.  And ran.  And ran.  The boy in the above picture is a 3rd grader (the 3rd grade class they buddy with for reading came along, too).  K'Tyo's teacher & I laughed because he just kept looking at K'Tyo like, "What is up with you? Don't you need a rest?"  He actually gave K'Tyo some really nice compliments.

At the end of 30 minutes, K'Tyo ran 11 laps around the track.  Yep, that would be 2.75 MILES!!!  He only stopped a couple of times for a drink & a couple of times when he couldn't resist sprinting with a few of his buddies (he learned quickly that sprinting & endurance running don't mix well).

  I look forward to cheering this son of mine on as he continues to blossom & discover his gifts.  He may be livin' a dream, but so is his mama.


Amy said...

I know this is a post all about K'Tyo, but I just have to say that Kemeri's expression in the stroller is hilarious!! She looks like "Ummm, why am I being squished back here??" :)
Good job to K'Tyo!! Can I please borrow some of that endurance? I think I missed my fill-up wherever they were handing that out!

We Are Family said...

This is really cool. And that sure is a whole stroller full of cute!

Rebecca said...

Awww! What a sweet victory! Love it!

Jami Lynn said...

Oh my goodness...K'Tyo would smoke me in a run!! This post just warms my heart! Don't you just love seeing the gifts and talents God has given our children. We get front row seats in watching it all unfold before our eyes. Good stuff!!