Thursday, January 31, 2013

I would love that!

Recently, we've been getting some inquiries about whether or not we'll be adopting again.  Just yesterday, someone pulled up beside me at the bank & said, "I think you need a couple more kids to fill up that van!"  (Yes, I sport a 12-passenger.)  In most cases when asked, we just kind of laugh & side-step.  I'm not sure why. 
Maybe it's that defensiveness in me that is afraid of hearing a negative response should we answer with a yes. 
Maybe it's that private side of me that feels the same way I did after delivering a baby & then getting asked if you're having any more.
Funny thing was when that comment was made at the bank yesterday, I didn't even think before saying, "Oh, I would love that!"  And his response, with a smile, was, "I know you would!"  Huh.
And so there you have it.  Yes, I would love that.  I LOVE being a mommy...with all it's beautiful messiness, I love it!  There is no shame in saying that I love children & being who I am, & the realization has come that the people that know us & know our family respond to that with a knowing smile. 
Not really a direct answer, is it?  ;o)  Well, here's the thing.  We stopped saying, "We're done" a long time ago.  Our prayer instead is, "Lord, is there anyone missing?" 
Why?  Because His plans are way better than ours. 
Here are five of the reasons I trust Him more (Yes, I said five.  I included Kade in this...once upon a time, we said we were done after Kyler, but God kept placing THAT nudging on our glad I am that He did...several more times!).


Sharon said...

I love this-and you! We've decided that we'll never say we're done for sure. We never know what He has planned and want to always keep our hearts open.
I love your "I would love that!" response. I think I might need to copy that b/c I tend to be embarassed when I get asked that, too!

Sharon said...
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