Friday, January 4, 2013

sweet things

These are some sweet things captured on my phone's camera recently:
From K'Tyo when I had the flu (Is he not so sweet??):
Kaelee is very popular when she comes over!
Christmas Eve sleepy time!
Oh, almost Daisy Mae, our little black pug.  Well, I say "our", but technically she is Kameryn's, & Kade has partial ownership.
Happy girl to finally have her beloved pug!
Kyler insists that he doesn't like her.  MmmmHmmm....
Ella LOVES her.  She looks like Ella's mini-me.
And this...this is how I get my hair done.  Shhhh!  They just think I'm awesome for letting them play in the tub.
Alright, one more Daisy picture.  While she does not belong to me, she is mine an awful lot.  How is that?  Hard to complain, though, when first thing in the morning after coming from Kameryn's room she is all wiggles & kisses...*sigh*
P.S.  After my last post, I was touched by the comments/feedback via my blog, FB, & email.  For those of you that have struggled with the same things I have, I hope you'll join me in fighting for a new attitude for the new year about ourselves!  Since it seems I'm not alone in this, I intend to be more intentional on the topic.  Thanks for sharing & the encouragement to keep on keepin' it real!

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