Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Run, Football, & Starting Preschool

Our days have been busy with many firsts, many memories.

Kade wanted to participate in a "fun run" put on by our high school's cross country team before their big invitational this past Saturday. Of course, K'Tyo wanted in on the action, too.

I didn't think Kade would really get up so early on a Saturday morning (a chilly one, at that) to participate, but these two were up and at 'em, ready to go! Note how they match--that was all them!

Kade's Age Group Ran One Mile

K'Tyo Ran with K-3rd Graders (even though he's in preschool)
He Ran the Whole 1/2 Mile!!
Look at that smile! That's at the end of the race!! He was totally digging the clapping & cheering! He informed me he wanted to do it again...lol

That afternoon, he got to go to his first university football game with Daddy & brothers.

And today brought the official start to preschool. He got to go one day last week with a couple of other classmates for a trial run & was soooo excited for the real thing today. I explained last night that we would sleep, wake up, have breakfast, play, have lunch, & then go to school.

At 9:30 this morning, he wanted to know if it was lunch time yet!
He had a great day today & loves to share all the details. I love to hear his excitement when he tells us about everything (he still recounts running & getting a ribbon & that Mommy, Daddy, Kaya, & Kade were cheering for him). It is hard to believe that only a few months back, he was living in an orphanage on the other side of the world. And now, he is a brother & our son.

Still just too crazy good to wrap my mind around!


Christie said...

He is too cute! I love that he's just found his place in the family! God is so good! Love seeing how He's working in your family!

Hope you're doing well!

Stacey P. said...

Lovely Dardi!! These kids are amazing. Mola did a 7.5 mile hike with us not steep) on Sunday and finished all but the last bit when we carried him. They are little troopers. The next day he walked around Manhattan, took the train, subways and cabs and again ate it all up!

Adeye said...

BEAUTIFUL memories being made in your home, friend. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Shonni said...

He looks so happy!!! I love his little smile!!

Annie said...

Oh, he is so cute!! he looks TOO grown-up already...it happens so quickly :(