Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: {My Rugby Girl}

Ahhh, Kearsten. Kiki. Do-Rah-Do. My second-born daughter that I love so very much.

She's a nut.

If it weren't for her, I would not have experienced half of the insane things that I have.

Summit Plummet (aka Biggest Wedgie of Your Life Water Slide).

The Hulk.

Tower of Terror.


Just to name a few.

And her latest thing: Rugby. She's in her 2nd year playing for her university's club team. Of course, this "thing" I do not partake in, but it's plenty insane just to be watching.

So, here's my girl getting ready to do battle after scoring for her team.
(She's the one adjusting her headband)

I mean, seriously, look at this madness. She's in the middle of that mess somewhere.

She may be focused on the game, but Momma is focused on whether or not all of her teeth are intact & if there's blood anywhere.

Part of the Fan Club

This is not her, but this is what they do.
They tackle. Hard. No pads.

Kiki is #7...on her way in to level somebody. I would not want to be that girl.

This is much better! In the midst of her family, safe & sound, & a mouthful of teeth.

We love you, Kearsten Lindy, even though you're a nut! :o)

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Ni Hao Y'all


Daisy Dreams said...

Yes, I think I'd be looking for blood and counting teeth too!! How fun that you all get to watch her though!

Stefanie said...

Every family needs at least ONE nut... to keep things interesting :)
Kearsten sounds like a breath of fresh air!!