Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Little Hike

This past Saturday, Kaya had the opportunity to accompany big sis, Kaelee, to a cheer clinic for little girls. Though she does not meet the age requirement, she had an "in" & got to have a special day being a cheerleader (I'll post pics of that another day!).

It was a gorgeous day, so I asked K'Tyo if he wanted to take a walk with Mommy. Of course, he was half way out the door before I was done asking, so we headed out on a walk around the neighborhood. It was a nice time to talk...he's starting to share some different things about Ethiopia, but mostly he likes to talk about why he likes it here. We were having a great time, but as we walked past the woodsy area, we both became curious. Before you knew it, we were hiking along the creek.

We had a blast exploring, but it was also pretty challenging as we zig-zagged along the creek trying to find rocks close enough together to keep from getting our feet wet (mind you, I am not at all opposed to getting tootsies wet, but this was impromptu, so neither of us had on proper "creek" shoes). In the end, Mom ended up with one wet foot, but it was an easy trade-off for a sweet afternoon with my son.

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Maureen said...

Those are the amazing moments - when unplanned joy just happens! And hey, shoes dry right!