Wednesday, June 27, 2012

back to business

Everything went as planned, so we were able to head home yesterday from the hospital around lunch time.  Kemeri woke up more like herself (it was a little rough during the night, but we were able to stay ahead of the pain, which helped), but she definitely wanted OUT of that crib.  Suddenly, she looked up & announced that she needed to potty.  Girl has some strategy. ;)

We dragged that IV pole into the potty & then on over to the "sit down", as Miss Kemeri calls the couch.  We sat & played for awhile, & then she got sleepy.  I guess Mommy's lap is better than the crib.  I wasn't complaining.

When the wagon came for our ride to the car, Kemeri was sooo excited.  She knew that was her ticket out!

Glad to be home & hopeful that we can get this thing healed up!  Tomorrow, we have our evaluation with early intervention, so we are excited to get the ball rolling on the different therapies she will need, too (I love our EI team...we worked with them when Kaya was little, & they are awesome!).


Sharon said...

Yay! Love that last picture!

Sarah said...

You have a beautiful family! We are in the process of adopting a little boy from China, who also has SB. Can't wait to get him home!

Princess D said...

She's just so sweet! And what's better than mommy for comfort :) Continuing prayers for her complete healing and hoping all goes well for you all tomorrow as well.

Janine said...

I haven't popped around here in way too long. What a joy to catch up on all your posts and see these precious gems God has entrusted to you. Dardi ... each of your children are just gorgeous. Praising God that the the operation is successful and the found heals well this time for your sweetheart Kemeri.
Thank you for your well wishes at my blog. We are beaming. Also praying that the Lord would continue to send over precious friends to bless and encourage you guys. Your family is such a tremendous blessing xoxoxo Love Janine