Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Musings (so original, I know)

Don't judge.  I blame my lack of originality to hospital food & lack of sleep.  Moving on.

SOOOOOO thankful that we had a more peaceful time of it last night.  Whew!! We totally needed that!

I also need to share that this little girlie is a rock star.  Seriously.  She takes her meds (even the yucky ones) better than most teens (the nurses have said so!).  She has remained on her back (thank you, Lord) with very little resilience.  She is starting to show her sweet (& sometimes ornery) self to the nurses, which is fun.

I am in awe of her strength, her fight, her spicy, her silly, her forgiveness (she has had to endure a lot of painful, scary stuff, including a new IV port today that took 3 sticks), & so much more.  And let me just tell you that today when Daddy came to visit, she SOBBED when he left...and I rejoiced over every single tear.  No, I'm not a sicko...I'm a mommy that is over the moon to see that this sweet new daughter of ours is showing signs of KNOWING that she's ours.  She belongs.  She is part of a family that loves her, so when she is crying when Daddy & the kids leave, I rejoice.  She has had surgery to fix her spine, but God is mending her heart.

Here's a few of my favorite pictures from the last few days...some are from the hospital, & some are pics that Joe or the kids have sent me of things they are doing.  These are the moments I am grateful for technology to keep me in the loop.

Kendi was so happy to see "Kemmy Aaaa-gail" as she calls her.
Kemmy was getting so frustrated the first day some of the kids came to visit b/c she couldn't sit with them.  On Kendi's second visit, we plunked her down in the crib with Kemmy.  I just love these two munchkins.  Kemmy was working on her lunch, & as soon as Kendi sat down, she immediately shared. *sniff* And then Kendi leaned in for some "lubby-dubbies".

Kemeri has put her own flare on flat bed rest.  She believes you can still be lady-like & rock your accessories.

I am blessed to know that my family is loving on each other in my absence.  We will be glad to get home & join in the fun!  Right now, the plan is to remove Kemeri's lumbar drain tomorrow & begin getting her upright.  If all goes well, she will be allowed to move around to make sure there is no major pain or leaking from the wound.  Hoping Wednesday might be the day we get to bust on outta here!


Karen said...

Glad things are going better! My post today was "June 4th"...yeah, very original! Yours is better! :-)

Alicia said...

Praying for all kinds of healing! And some rest along the way!