Sunday, June 24, 2012

how does this happen?

Seriously, how did another one of my children hit her 21st birthday??  *sniff*

Kearsten (KiKi) up & turned 21 on me this past Tuesday.  In true Kearsten fashion, we didn't do things the regular old way...her birth"day" turned into a birth"week".  She started out last Sunday running a 10K, which was a goal she had set for herself, & she did it!

Then we did a little celebrating on her actual day.

Yesterday, she was heading to a rugby tournament to watch some of the guys from the university play.  Last minute, they told her they heard some of the girls' teams might need an extra player, so she took her stuff just in case.  Ha...she ended up playing for THE Ohio State Buckeyes womens team & they won the tourney.  She scored for them, too!  Go KiKi!!!  She's the 2nd one from the left.  She got to keep the jersey & the socks as a thank you...Good stuff!

Finally today, we had her birthday dinner & official cake (ice cream, of course) since Kyler was home for the weekend.

And again, in true Kearsten style, when we all realized this was Kemeri's first experience with a birthday cake (we came to this realization when she was turning inside out excited to see that cake!), KiKi had Kemmy help her with the candle.

Happy Birthday, baby girl...yes, baby.  You can keep on having these birthdays in spite of me, but you'll always be my baby.  I love you & am so proud of the woman you are becoming.  Your heart is as big as your sense of adventure.  Keep being you, because you are one of the most beautiful people I know. :o)


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I can only imagine how bittersweet that must feel to see your babies really becoming... PEOPLE.:)
She's gorgeous!!! Congrats on the rugby tournament and 10k as well!!!

Princess D said...

How sweet :) What a wonderful big sister and an athletically talented daughter you have!
And yes a Birthday Week is definitely the way to go, not that I know anything about that ;)