Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blast from the Past...Be Nice

I got a text from my lovely oldest daughter, Kaelee, that said, "You're gonna cry when you see FB".

Oh, I wanted to cry alright.  Today is our 19th wedding anniversary, & *somebody* was digging in the closet.  Since it's already tagged all over FB, I figured I might as well share the love here, too. No doggin' me on the hair.

Ok, seriously, once you get past the initial shock of the hair, my precious daughter had this to say:

Happy 19th Anniversary to my mom and dad, Dardi and Joe!! So blessed to have amazing role models that show us the meaning of love and family on a daily basis! ♥

That, right there, is worth a thousand bad hair pictures.  We have never been or ever will be perfect, but if at the end of our days we are remembered for loving each other, loving our family, & loving others, we will be the ones blessed.

And just for redemption, a more recent picture. ;o)

Happy Anniversary, Joe...I love you more today than yesterday, & I look forward to our tomorrows.


Amy said...

hehehe (insert snort) too cute! Love me some mushroom doo! ;)

Jami Lynn said...

Awwww!!! How cute!!!

Rebecca said...

Awww! Happy anniversary!!!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Happy Anniversary!

We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this summer.

:) :) :)

Princess D said...

Very sweet--Happy Anniversary!
Plus your hair was pretty cool for the early 90's :)