Wednesday, June 6, 2012

we are outta here

Yesterday was a super busy day for Miss Thing.  They clamped off her lumbar drain & began the processing of sitting her up.  By lunch time, she was doing great & up far enough to have the tray in front of her.  What a treat to not eat lying down!

As you can imagine, she was pretty tired & a bit ouchie from this hard work, so she had some tylenol & a good nap.  After some more sitting up, we did a sponge bath, got on some new jammies, & tried out the legs.  When we first stood her up, she was a little wobbly so we just let her lean on me for a few minutes.  Then we asked her to take a couple steps, & she looked good!  By now, we were by the door in her room to the hallway.  When we opened the door, she took my hand & we were off!!  She walked the whole length of the hallway & was having the time of her life.  I think I would have cried except that I was smiling too much.

Her neurosurgeon was here first thing this morning & very pleased with her accomplishments.  They will be removing the lumbar drain & her IV soon & then WE GET TO GO HOME!!!!  Praising God for the wonderful people He has put in our path this week to help our little girl & for the determination He's given her to overcome.


Meredith said...

God is so good! So so so happy for you guys! Nothing is better than being able to recover at home!! Praying everything goes smoothly and Kemeri and Kendi are up to their usual antics soon!

Leveta said...

I am Leveta and read your blog through Pam.My husband is a pastor of a small Baptist church and we have 3 children Chad 19 (bio) Sam 16 and Kaitrin 23 both adopted from India through Dillon International. So glad to see the progress of your sweet girl this morning and wanted you to know I have been praying and will continue to pray for continued recovery. Love when you share pics of all your other children. Adoption is a wonderful blessing.

Rebecca said...

Praise God!!! Such great news!!!