Monday, June 18, 2012

a little bit of summer

Other than the weather, it hasn't felt a whole lot like summer.  Last week, we were up & moving each day for Kaya & K'Tyo to go to vacation bible school.  Kam has been going strong with summer basketball since the week after school let out. We are still getting the hang of the potty thing with Miss Kemeri, & it's amazing how quickly a day flies by when you have the timer set every so often as a reminder to take a tinkle break.  And Daddy's very brief break from doctoral classes is already over, & he's back in the saddle for 8 weeks, 2 nights a week, 5 hours each.  Plus homework time. Ugh.

However, we enjoy frequent visits from Kaelee, especially when they coincide with waking up from naps & needing someone to cuddle with while shaking out the cobwebs.

Not much swimming these days since Kemeri is still healing from surgery, but that doesn't keep somebody from rockin' her swimsuit. 

And the bigger kids are around a bit more, too.  Except that Kyler left this morning for the week...He will be home only on the weekends this summer b/c he's working as a counselor at a camp for kiddos with special needs.

I still can't take my eye off this one.  NOTHING is safe around here.  Thankfully, this polar "pop" was gatorade.  Heaven help me if she ever got a hold of real pop.

My Aunt Jackie was so sweet to bring by some strawberry shortcake, which as you can see, was very much enjoyed!

So, maybe between vacation bible school, summer basketball, yummy treats, & more time with the big kids, it's feeling a little like summer after all.


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, Dardi! They are adorable! That little one in the bathing suit is just as cute as a button! Reminds me of my Averpie.
Praise God for older children huh? Even if they do leave their polar pops laying around. I don't know what I'd do without my extra sets of eyes, ears, hands... and my brain for that matter!

Meredith said...

I was just thinking about you and wondering how the potty training was going. Praying Kemeri heals quicker than ever and Miss Kendi can rock that cute suit in a pool sooner than later.

Jami Lynn said...

Love the update!!! Your family is so beautiful!

Anne said...

Great pictures, you have a beautiful family!