Saturday, June 2, 2012

A New Day

Rest & sleep is a beautiful thing.  I mentioned yesterday that we had a good system going...a balance between pain medicine & cuddles with Mommy in the crib that seemed to be making for a peaceful little one.  KiKi got a shot of us when the family came to visit:  A) for the memory books & B) for proof that Mommy really has been climbing on up in that crib with baby girl.  We managed to get little glimpses of smiles yesterday, but for the most part, she was pretty solemn.  At least we both got some much needed rest.

Right before bed last night, I asked our nurse if Kemeri would have the IV for the duration of our stay.  I have been bummed for her b/c she's really good with her little hand, but having the IV on her writing hand takes out coloring, feeding herself, etc.  Unfortunately, the answer was not what I wanted to hear...the IV is in for the duration.  Ugh.

Well, Lil Miss must have been tuned into that conversation b/c guess who managed to remove her IV in the middle of the night?  I woke up when Zach (our nurse) came in b/c I could tell he was doing more than the usual checks, & he said, "I have good news & bad news.  The bad news is, her IV is out.  The good news is, her hand is free b/c the IV in her leg is still viable."  Kemeri looked pretty pleased with herself.

I am completely amazed at how things have gone today.  She has had nothing more than tylenol for pain, she is eating even though she is still required to be flat, she is content to play with her pretty bracelets that her sibs picked out for her, & she's just overall getting back to being my girl!!!!  Yay God!!!!  The nurses have been spending extra time in our room b/c I think they are enjoying seeing her personality coming out more & more.  What a difference a day makes!!
Bracelets...check.  Cell phone...check.  Minnie Mouse...check.  Doodle Pad...check.

Thank you for all the continued prayers & encouragement!  Now, I must go b/c Miss Kemeri has informed me she needs to chat on her cell phone again. ;o)


Meredith said...

What a sweetie! Praying her foot IV continues to work. And I love the picture of you both in the crib, melts this mama's heart.

Annie said...

Aw, sweet girl! hope you're feeling better soon :) xoxo

Rebecca said...

Awww. She and my Averleigh would be good buddies! Gotta love Minnie Mouse and cell phones!