Monday, June 25, 2012

round 2 in the O.R.

I am currently sitting in a hospital room waiting for them to bring Kemeri back from surgery.  After fighting with her incision for the last couple of weeks, sending pics back & forth with her surgeon, & then going to the office, it was determined that the stitches dissolved too fast for proper healing.  So, we had to come back today for a "wound revision".  Since it is so late in the day, we will be spending the night & heading home tomorrow.

Please pray that Kemeri's incision heals properly this time & that it heals FAST.  We are supposed to be taking a family vacation in a few weeks (yes, ALL of us!!!), & I so want her to be able to swim, play in the sand, & just get back to the business of being a little girl. 

On the up side, if you remember me mentioning that we began potty training b/c the diapers were not helping the healing situation....WELL, SHE IS DOING IT!!!  All systems seem to be working just fine (praise God b/c this is HUGE for a little one with spina bifida), & I would say we're 95% there (she has even stayed dry through the last 2 nights!).  Yay!!


Sharon said...

Can't wait to hear that it's all healed up and she's playing on the beach!

And yay! about the potty training-awesone!

From This Moment said...

Praying for sweet Kemeri!

Princess D said...

Prayers being sent. . .
What a fun time for all of you to enjoy your family. I LOVE family vacations!
Hurray on the potty training :)

Anne said...

Hope she heals fast! Congrats on the potty training, way to go Kemeri!

Leveta said...

Praying for quick healing for your little girl and for a blessed time on your vacation.
Leveta -wife to Carl,mom to Chad 19 (bio) Sam 16 and Katrin 13 both from India through Dillon International.