Friday, June 1, 2012

Kemeri Update

It was a looong day yesterday, & an even longer night.  The hardest part is that she's hurting, but I can't hold her.  She was supposed to be flat on her stomach for 24 hours, but Kemeri made it very clear within the first hour of being in her hospital room that that was not happening.  I don't know if it scared her, was uncomfortable, or what but she kicked, thrashed, screamed & literally tried to pull herself out of the crib.  So guess what?  She won.  It was determined that the stress of trying to restrain her wasn't good for anybody, so they let her be on her side as long as her spine remains straight.

She pretty much looks like she's been to war in this picture.  Somehow she wrestled her way out of her jammies, her hair is matted down with sweat, she has pressure ulcers on her face from being face down for so long during surgery...poor baby.  I already mentioned this on FB, but it's worth sharing again...One of the hardest and at the same time sweetest moments yesterday was when she began crying out for Kendi.  Oh my heart, I think she fully expected her partner in crime to kick butt, take names, & bust her right on out of this place.

Finally in the wee hours of the morning, we seem to have found a system for her pain management.  Part of that included having Mommy close, so somehow I was able to curl my body around hers in the crib without pinching any wires or getting her out of good position (I know, right?).  I think this was good for both of us.

This morning has been much more peaceful.  It's also amazing what the light of day, clean sheets & fresh jammies can do.  Hoping for much peace, rest, & healing for our punkin today.


Chris said...

awwww, poor baby & poor Momma.

Praying for healing and rest.


Meredith said...

awe, sweet Kemeri. We will continue praying for her healing and peace and comfort. And for you and Joe, as you care for her and recover from the emotional stress of it all.


Rebecca said...

Still praying!

Rebecca said...

Praying for your sweet girl. As a mommy who has gone through 2 detethering surgeries with 2 of my kiddos....I know it is tough! Hang in there! Take it a day at a time. Prayers for comfort and rest, for baby girl and mommy! :-) I remember crawling in that hospital bed with my baby boy. Precious time!

Alicia said...

Praying for you all. So sorry for all you are going through and at the same time so very thankful that she CAN have this surgery WITH her mommy at her side.

Donna said...

Hope she feels better soon!! Hang in there mom, this too shall pass :)