Sunday, November 11, 2012

thankful {day 11...undone}

I am thankful for this day!  I am thankful for everything I got accomplished, but even more thankful for the things I didn't.

I didn't do a stitch of laundry, but I did hang out with my kiddos.

I didn't go to the rec center to cross train today, but are these not the cutest personal trainers ever?

I didn't get any yard work done, but we did start putting Christmas lights on the bushes. Oh, my goodness, who knew the kids would be so excited just watching me untangle the mess of lights? And then being my helpers was even more mind-boggling. ;)

I didn't make a gourmet dinner.  Actually, I didn't get dinner started on time, so after digging around in the cupboards, I found a few packages of ramen noodles.  Umm, I never make these...I keep them on hand for a salad that I make, but tonight, we were making do.  Well, I am thankful that upon tasting said noodles, the little ones gave me hero status for this delicacy & wanted to know if Daddy knows how to make them. 

I am thankful that on days like this, it's even ok to put your elbows on the table.

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