Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thankful {day 21...gratitude in grief}

These last couple days since Joe's dad's passing have been emotional.  It's amazing how that level of emotion can really wipe you out.

Today, I am thankful to the people that are stepping into that gap to hold us up & help us keep walking through this.  My father-in-law's service AND calling hours will be on Friday.  It will be a long day.  When we realized just how long, my brother-in-law asked if I could organize some snack-type foods being brought in so the family could have a place to retreat to for some sustenance & a break (Jack impacted many people, so public calling hours are 3 hours long, with the service immediately following).  Great idea, but I almost buckled at the thought of trying to find people able to help the day after Thanksgiving.

Enter another moment I am thankful for access to social media.  I put our need on FB.  Within a few hours...Done.  It's taken care of.  Not only that, an awesome friend sent me a text a few days ago wanting to help, & without hesitation, is caring for our littlest babes since it would be difficult (read: impossible) for them to make it through those many hours.  What a gift.

I have cried a lot today.  Tears of grief.  Tears of joy.  Tears of relief.  I pray I always remember the importance of gestures of caring & kindness, no matter how big or small.  They truly matter, they truly bless, & I am truly thankful.

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