Saturday, November 24, 2012

thankful {this last week}

My father-in-law, Jack, was laid to rest yesterday.  Calling hours were held for 3 hours prior to the service, & there was a line the whole time.  What a testament to a life lived well serving others.

Looking back over this emotional week, I am thankful for so much:

Thankful that my Aunt Jackie & my mom dropped everything to come over when I needed to be with my husband & children as we said goodbye to Dad/Grandpa. 

Thankful for the way this family walked through this very difficult time loving each other.

Thankful for the text from my friend, Deb, letting me know she had my back with whatever we needed.  Boy, did she ever by watching our littlest babies for the whole day yesterday.  She even rocked my 12-passenger van...she is awesome-sauce.

Thankful for Cindy bringing us dinner.

Thankful for Grandpa helping with getting kiddos where they needed to be.

Thankful for Jaime, Kim, Cindy, Caley, Amy, & Jodi for bringing food to have available during calling hours.

Thankful for the cards & words of sympathy.

Thankful for Pastor Jeff.

Thankful to hear so many amazing stories of how Dad/Grandpa made a difference in so many lives.

Thankful for family & friends that came to love on us during a really hard time. 

Thankful for Kameryn's basketball coach & teammates that came to love & support my daughter.  Grandpa & Kam had a very special connection, so this has been an especially tough time for her.  I don't know exactly how heaven works, but I hope Grandpa was given a glimpse into this team tonight.  They worked so hard, & they brought home a win...the first opener they've won in a lot of years against a very talented team.  It literally came down to the wire, & we were only up by a point.  The other team's star player was driving in, & Kam stole the ball, got fouled, made a foul shot, & the clock ran out.  It was a bittersweet moment, knowing Grandpa would be so proud.  Thankful for the moments that make us smile again.

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