Tuesday, November 6, 2012

thankful {day 6}

Oh my goodness, today I am thankful for SUNSHINE!!!  It has been so dreary in these parts as we experienced bits of Hurricane Sandy.  It's quite chilly (the weather channel said it felt like 19 degrees when I headed out to run this morning!), but it's so pretty & crisp.

It was also a beautiful morning to head out & vote!  I am thankful we live in a country with the freedom to have an opinion.  I am thankful for the opportunities we have as Americans...opportunities to pursue education, careers of our choice, religion of our choice.  I will never forget sitting with a room full of teenage girls in Ethiopia with Kameryn, & when they were given the opportunity to ask questions, the first one to Kam was, "What do you GET TO study in school?"  It is so easy to take for granted the opportunities we have to experience so many things.  Speaking of, I am thankful that we get to go watch Kameryn play in a basketball scrimmage tonight, which will be the first game of her final high school season. *sniff*  Can't believe she is a senior!

Hope you are have a blessed day!

P.S.  I must share a little funny from Kaya that I posted on FB last night:  "Tomorrow for preschool we are supposed to wear red, white, & blue. We are learning about the United States, & tomorrow people are voting....and I'm O'Vock Obama, & I approve this message."  I do believe I will also be thankful that we don't need to hear political ads after today so that we can go back to reciting song lyrics or something! lol

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