Friday, November 9, 2012

thankful {day girls)

Today I am thankful for my older girls.  The younger kiddos tend to get plenty of mention b/c they are full of silly shenanigans are so darn cute, but today it's about my "big" girls.

Awhile back, Kearsten began "coffee Fridays" & would pick up a coffee treat on her way home from her teaching field experience.  That pumpkin spice yumminess hit the spot today!  I am thankful she is so thoughtful & indulges me like that!

I am thankful for the times during the week that Kaelee just stops by to see us.  The little girls are like magnets to her the minute she walks in the door.  I just enjoy watching them & getting to chat.  Today, I was especially thankful for her impromptu visit b/c it was just about lunch time, & our cupboards are pretty bare!  She hung out with the girls while I grabbed some lunch, & then we all got to eat together.  Some unexpected Friday fun!

Speaking of the cupboards being bare...I have been working on the mother of all shopping lists.  When Kam saw it on the counter this morning, she OFFERED to do the shopping trip.  Huh?  I assured her that I had mentally prepared for getting it done this morning.  Nope.  She said she wanted to, & when Kaya protested b/c she was stoked about our outing, Kam told her she could just go along.  I am so thankful for her sweet heart & the effort all three of the older girls make to have such special relationships within the family.

So tonight, Kam, Kaya, & two of Kam's good friends were headed out to restock the cupboards.  In the 12 passenger, no less.  How cute are they?

I am very, very thankful for these beautiful daughters that are growing up way too fast, thank you very much.

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Sharon said...

Awesome! Do you think she'd come do my grocery shopping?!