Friday, November 16, 2012

thankful {day 16}

Well, I am thankful that I can change my plans & not post every day.  Yesterday was just one of those days!  I figure some of you might have needed a little break from me anyway. ;o)

Today, I am also thankful to have HAD a mammogram.  As in, DONE.  Mission accomplished.  Ouch.  Major ouch.  DONE.  We are so blessed to have preventative health care, but dude, who made this up??  With all the advances to technology, how can we not have figured out an easier way?  This is my second one, & it all came back to me in a hurry.  And I consider myself to have a fairly high pain tolerance.  Ok, I know I'm supposed to remain thankful, so I shall quit the whining already.  But really, owie! :(

Seriously, though, if you have been putting off a mammogram, go do it.  Do it for it for the people that love you! 

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